The Muffinz: Well-intentioned soul music

                                                                                                                                                         PHOTO: SUPPLIED

(Note: This article was first published in Wapad on 14 September 2017, p.7.)

The Award-winning and frequently SAMA (South African Music Awards)-nominated group, The Muffinz will be soothing nomads at OppiKoppi for the third year with their soulful voices.

They are proudest of their Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award and the ImpACT Award for Music and Singing, both received in 2012.

“Both these are ‘art’ and not ‘commercial’ awards, which means both peers and fans approve and see the greater vision.” However, their star shines brighter than the awards, said the Muffinz who are currently working on content for their third studio album.

According to the Muffinz, mostly high energy material should be expected at their OppiKoppi show this year.  They have also been rehearsing some of Ray Phiri’s material, the jazz veteran who passed away in July this year due to lung cancer.

For them, their greatest achievement is “the ability to be able to bring back a culture of acoustic music amongst our peers, music outside of jazz or gospel – conscious enough, ‘dancy’ enough, well-intentioned  .”

The Muffinz have performed at several international venues like Norway, Mozambique, Swaziland and Algeria – the next leap for them is to triumph in the European festival market.

“As having worked with European partners in Norway and Italy, we have seen possible markets there, in strange and beautiful places filled with lovers of music.”

Together the (now) four of them, Simphiwe Kulla (lead electric guitar, vocals), Mthabisi Sibanda (acoustic guitar, vocals), Gregory Mabusela (drums, vocals), Sifiso Buthelezi (lead electric and vocals) are the mix to a well-risen muffin.

Their first OppiKoppi in 2012, Sweet Thing, was “a beautiful experience”, saying it was aptly titled – “a nostalgia as associated with the initial moment of ecstacy when doing something for the first time.

For them, the best part about this music festival is to discover new favourite artists in other genres but they are especially looking forward to seeing Snakeships, Beatenberg, Albert Frost and The Brother Moves on.

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