Be an ‘oppit’ mango picker: Survival guide



Only 3 days ’till we experience one of South Africa’s biggest music utopias!


We are so close to being stroked by the Northam sun, sitting on the straw among mystical beings, falling in love with music, being abducted from reality and having the time of our lives.



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However, you need to keep a few things in mind when going to the place where pretty much anything goes.

Remember your ticket
Print your online ticket and keep it safe until you have your Oppi-bracelet around your wrist. Under no circumstances should you post your ticket on social media.

Pack appropriate clothes
Even though you are camping, it shouldn’t necessarily look like it. Your look can vary from hobo to Lady Gaga, as long as you own it. Don’t wear clothes of the lightest colour unless you are going for the “I’ve been wearing this for a month” look. Also don’t take your best shoes. They will never be the same again. Closed shoes, because the sand between your toes isn’t the same as at the beach. During the day it will feel like summer but remember to put warmer clothes in your backpack so you don’t have to return to your campsite just to fetch it.


This year’s weather is a bit of a gamble, with forecasts of rain and thunder.


Your look can vary from hobo to Lady Gaga, as long as you own it.


Look clean, even if you aren’t
You might feel like you’ve bathed in dust but you still want to stay fresh, even if you aren’t going to take the option to stand in a cue for a cold shower. This is where wet
wipes and dry shampoo become your secret weapon. A quick wet wipe “bath” a day will create the illusion that you are clean. The shower you take before you leave for the festival must be a good one. One that lasts for three/four days.

Also, brush your teeth. Every. Day


Protect yourself
You’ve probably heard about the dust at Oppi and thought “how bad can it be?”. It’s no exaggeration. You will need something like a buff/bandana/scarf to cover your mouth while roaming these dusty streets and good shades to cover your eyes. The sun can be harsh, so head wear and sunscreen are a must. Sanitizing products to use for your
hands (and toilet seat) could make you more comfortable. A medical bag with some headache remedies, pain  killers and plasters – just in case.


You’ve probably heard about the dust at Oppi and thought “how bad can it be?”.

It’s no exaggeration.


Take a Flashlight
It’s no joke finding your tent at night. Take a flashlight or even make use of your
phone’s video camera for light, which can turn into an interesting documentary of
you struggling to find your tent and going to the portable loos.

Take camping stuff
Even if you don’t think you’ll sleep, take a tent in case you want some shut eye. Remember a camping chair and braai equipment for chilling at your campsite.


Toilet paper – For blowing your nose.


Actually go see some bands!!!
It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to see so many artists perform. Do
research and make a list of people you have to see.


Otherwise you might as well just have had a huge party at home for a lot cheaper.


Squeegee bottle
Glass bottles aren’t allowed on the festival grounds. So you need an alternative way of carrying your beverages. Just make sure it’s big enough. Then you don’t have to go all the way for a refill every five seconds.


See you at a show!


Photos: Marita Herselman
Article first published in Wapad on 21 July 2016, p.9.