Millennials – Outspoken, fighters for freedom and equality



We are escapists. And above all we aspire to be artists.


We as millennials are constantly being criticized for our dependability on social media… just hold on…have to first like an aesthetic picture of someone with headphones jogging on a scenic route.

Our generation saw the light between 1980 and mid-1990s (some push it to 2000), the light basically being that of our cellphone screens. Jenna Amatulli, from Huffingtonpost, says a study by Maru/Matchbox discovered that 69 percent of millennials photograph their meals before they eat it.

Documenting our daily living and blowing it up has become an art form – a coping mechanism. Turning mundane things into dopamine-inducers have become second nature. However, the amount of attention sought for these inventions may be problematic.

There is a difference between making life more creative and being on life support for validation. When the latter becomes a reality, the quality of life decreases as people betray the moment by digitizing and not living it. The need for instant gratification is at the root of criticism against our generation.

According to Kate Lyons, from The Gaurdian, millennials (also dubbed “Generation Y”) are generalized as immature, apathetic, narcissists, with commitment issues, incapable to survive without their smartphones.

On the bright side, we are also known for our “creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness, a strong sense of social responsibility and concern for the environment”, according to Lyons.

Douglas Main, from Livescience, says we are also described as more confident and that civil issues like gay rights and equality are bigger priorities.

As we ascend to social media for even the slightest itch, I believe almost all of the characteristics of our generation flowers from social media. Social media is all about drawing attention to your brand – everything you do on there really contribute to your own image. We constantly defend and polish it. It is therefore understandable that we are being criticized for our narcissism. But the things you do to define your identity can be inherently good and inspirational.

Confidence is the good thing that emanates from this process. When social media makes us feel good, it makes us confident. Social media is our way of changing the world. Confident people speak their minds and fight for what they believe in.

An open network of communication creates awareness about global issues. Perpetually being in contact with other people allow discourse, which helps to shape society.

Main points to the never-ending dispute about whether we are “self-entitled narcissists or open-minded do-gooders”. Each generation needs good and bad things that sets them apart from other generations. I believe there is a median on this scale.

So I want to contradict Tomi Lahren’s contradiction on The Daily Show when she said, “I’m a millennial, so I don’t like labels.” I want to put a label on millennials. We are the outspoken, fighters for freedom and equality. We are ambiguous – ignorant and enlightened at the same time. We are escapists. And above all we aspire to be artists.


Pic: Digital Media Academy


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Mess with my cash, ‘cash me ousside’


Financially surviving as a student takes for interesting meal choices and eccentric ideas. So nothing makes our stomachs turn like when someone messes with our money for food. If I were to start a campaign, I would fight just that.

Living with the bare minimum, combined with the odd amount of impulsive alcohol-infused treats and take out, I am often stuck with a mind-boggling, infuriating dilemma. I can’t access the little money I have left.

It’s already frustrating enough when you have to work out what food you can buy with R14, for example.  An unsliced bread and a pack of 2-minute noodles with change to spare…you’re welcome. But it is maddening when you think about the possibilities and you cannot execute them.

Here’s the thing – some grocery outlets set a minimum amount you may swipe for. Is this a scheme to push their sales? So, if you have R14 but you can only swipe for R25 and you can only draw R50s at the ATM, where does that leave you? With a plate of nothing served with frustration.

Luckily not all outlets do this. But those who do, forces me to walk much farther to a store that can help me, contributing to my excellence in wasting time. So were I to campaign, I would advocate against stores setting minimum swipe amounts and ATMs only giving out a minimum of R50. I mean, how is the average student supposed to survive?

GIF: The Odyssey Online

10 things I loathe


Hate is a strong word but I really, really, really, don’t like you (in this case ‘it’)” as Plain White T’s once sang. Some things you just can’t stand. Here’s a list of things that leaves the taste of coffee after brushing my teeth in my mouth.

1.     Time

My favourite love-hate relationship. It’s like the person you want because you can’t get, but when you do, you don’t want them anymore. If you’ve watched Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass, which basically tells you that time is on your side, know it’s a lie.  If you know me, you would reckon I have the utmost disrespect for time. If you see me, I’m probably running late, literally running as if I’m doing the 400m or at least showing off a power walk. My fling with time is an unhealthy one. I get a rush when I manage to be just on time but I hate the feeling I get when I realize I might just lose.

2.     When people don’t reply to text messages

I get it, we’re all very responsible grown-ups that don’t have time for chit-chat as we are busy doing our day-jobs and fighting for survival. But it’s a different case if I know you were born with your phone in your hand –  then I just want to huff and puff and blow down your house of lies. I am known as a needy communicator but I believe in maintaining good relationships. Yes, you don’t always have to reply but when someone asks you a reasonable question, it’s common decency to reply if you don’t want to get a death stare the next time you see me.

3. When friends neglect you because they have an “other half”

I believe a lot of people in your life can be your soulmate. That’s why it hurts so much when a soulmate finds their “one and only” and conveniently forgets about you like returning a loan. You invest in a friendship. When did lovers become more important than friends? I’m sorry, if you ditch our plans for a chilled day with your love, I will not be a happy camper and certainly be throwing a fit for dramatic effect.

4. Cooking for myself

I have literally fallen asleep while cooking on at least three occasions. I woke up, realized “ah I still have the sausages I cooked last night” and faced charcoal. Fun. If my previous cooking devices had not switched off automatically, I would be homeless as I would’ve burned my place down. Also, I’ve had some weird combinations, one of them being chicken spice over mince, which tasted pretty good. When I cook it’s probably “easy” like pasta or eggs but I still hate it.

5. Being alone

Being socially dependable means I constantly want to be surrounded by people or I want to be in contact with them. People say you first need to enjoy your own company before you can enjoy other’s. I do enjoy my own company, thank you very much,  but I also realize what I’m able to contribute to the lives of other’s.  I have lived on my own before for three years, I reckon I know myself thoroughly.  I still hate being alone in my room, watching my phone with no messages coming through.

6. Fruit

I’ve heard the story that I enjoyed a good amount of fruit as a toddler, my grandma being the culprit to feed me a lot of different mixes. There are just so much about fruit to hate. The texture being top of the list. Some fruit taste like sandpaper, some like string. They also have an interesting, unattractive smell. My best friend in school and brother used to enjoy chasing me around the house with an orange or peach, just to freak me out.

7.  Working over weekends

Hahaha joke. Working over weekends mostly entails looking for memes about how I procrastinated and left everything until Sunday evening and how much I hate myself then. Even if I didn’t work during the weekend, I would not have had all the fun I could’ve had.  Because of the academic duties I never really make mind-blowing plans – oh such a lie I tell myself that I am going to work. So I might as well have chilled with my friends having a braai and a few beers because hysteria on a Sunday evening is a reality.

8. Cats

I purely dislike them as most of them do not want my love and I secretly wish I were one of them…being free to do as I please and not needing anyone. Surely you can be a dog and a cat person but when you are used to the unconditional love of a dog and a cat rejects you, the origin of these feelings toward cats is self-explanatory.

9. When people ask your number

I love people. Even though I hate it when people don’t reply to my text messages, I don’t want to get in the situation where I feel forced to reply to keep peace. I have learned that you don’t have the obligation to reply if you don’t want to.  Double standards you ask? There is a difference between constantly wanting to chat and just asking a few relevant questions, right?

10. Friends with benefit relationships

While still in school, my father once asked me what my relationship status with this infamous boy was. Not completely knowing what it meant, I said we were friends with benefits. After several movie releases, all of us should know that this type of relationship always backfires. As Melanie Martinez says in “Carousel”, “it’s all fun and games ‘till somebody falls in love”. Either someone uses the other or both gets used to kill time – until they meet someone better.

Picture (refers to HBO’s Girls): Pinterest