Mess with my cash, ‘cash me ousside’


Financially surviving as a student takes for interesting meal choices and eccentric ideas. So nothing makes our stomachs turn like when someone messes with our money for food. If I were to start a campaign, I would fight just that.

Living with the bare minimum, combined with the odd amount of impulsive alcohol-infused treats and take out, I am often stuck with a mind-boggling, infuriating dilemma. I can’t access the little money I have left.

It’s already frustrating enough when you have to work out what food you can buy with R14, for example.  An unsliced bread and a pack of 2-minute noodles with change to spare…you’re welcome. But it is maddening when you think about the possibilities and you cannot execute them.

Here’s the thing – some grocery outlets set a minimum amount you may swipe for. Is this a scheme to push their sales? So, if you have R14 but you can only swipe for R25 and you can only draw R50s at the ATM, where does that leave you? With a plate of nothing served with frustration.

Luckily not all outlets do this. But those who do, forces me to walk much farther to a store that can help me, contributing to my excellence in wasting time. So were I to campaign, I would advocate against stores setting minimum swipe amounts and ATMs only giving out a minimum of R50. I mean, how is the average student supposed to survive?

GIF: The Odyssey Online